Due to the large volume of job postings that are sent to me via email and phone, much of which is spam, I’ve decided to implement some rules for contacting me; if you are not contacting me regarding a job opportunity, you can skip to the bottom. I apologize in advance to anyone who has legitimate interest in hiring me, however these rules allow me to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff and respond to you in a more timely manner.

UPDATE: I’m currently freelancing full time, and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. If you have a project you’d like me to work on I’m currently available for about 20 hours a week; if you require a larger time commitment I know some other developers who may be able to join me on your project.

  1. Please read my resume first, and do not contact me unless the information contained in it indicates I would be a good fit for your development needs. If what’s on my resume doesn’t match up with your job description, explain why you want to consider me for the position.
  2. Make sure your job description matches the job you’re hiring for. Don’t require Java experience when it’s really a Python position, don’t send a job description for a web developer when you need a desktop client developer.
  3. Always read my most recent resume, which will be linked to on this page.
  4. If you require or strongly prefer prior work experience in a certain technology (such as .NET or JSP) and it’s not anywhere on my resume (which they’re not), don’t contact me. I don’t want my time wasted if I don’t have the kind of experience you’re looking for, and if I had the experience you’re looking for but for some reason omitted it from my resume, I probably don’t want to work with that technology.
  5. That being said, I am eager to learn new technologies on the job.
  6. Rochester, NY != New York City, NY. It’s at least a 7 hour drive away.
  7. I am a developer, please don’t contact me if you need a web designer.
  8. I am currently located in Rochester, NY (EST), I am able to relocate for a full time position, and I am available for telecommuting work (full time or contract/freelance); but don’t ask me to relocate for a contract position unless you’re willing to arrange and pay for my housing, or similarly compensate me. Perhaps that last bit sounds ridiculous, but so is asking someone to move to a new city for just 3 to 6 months and then leave.
  9. Prefix you email subject with the characters enclosed in quotes which follow: “No brown M&Ms: “, but leave out the quotes.
  10. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology for a few years but had to drop out for financial reasons, hence I have no degree. Higher Education is a waste of time and money which pales in comparison to what I’ve learned on the job and in my spare time, and I have no intention of going back now that I have several years of real world experience. If you think I’m missing some crucial skills that I could’ve obtained from 1 more year in college but not from 3+ years of startup and contract work since then, then don’t contact me. I’ve found that most companies worth working for don’t care about this sort of thing.
  11. If you’d like to speak on the phone, feel free to request my number in your introductory email.
  12. I distribute my resume in PDF (Portable Document Format), because it’s portable; it looks the same in all PDF viewers. I can send you a Word version if you like, but please be aware it’ll probably look like crap, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
  13. Please follow these instructions for each job posting you send me (unless we work together regularly).
  14. These rules may change from time to time, so check back regularly and don’t copy them down in your resume database software.
  15. If you don’t comply with these rules I probably won’t respond to your email and probably will mark it as spam.

Emails can be sent to seanATseanhayesDOTname.